The New Yorker's Shouts and Murmurs is sometimes very funny. This is one such time. It's called "This is no game" by Jack Handey.


David Hasselhoff is hooked on a feeling. This may completely rock you. I'm not saying it's good, not saying it's bad. But it will rock you in one way or another. Actually, I am saying it's bad. That's why it's good. It's up there with R. Kelly's Trapped in the Closet in terms of bad-goodness.

Bum Wines is a nice review of cheap fortified wines. I would like to try Cisco, myself.


Clinical Applications of Meditation is an article I read researching meditation states. I thought it was interesting that the chakras, or yogic energy centers, in the head corresponded with the exact locations in the brain that exhibited high EEG brainwave activity during deep "theta" meditation. Specifically, the forehead lobe or "third eye", and the emotional limbic system or "crown chakra". Weird dude.


I like this page that proves Paris Hilton doesn't change facial expressions (original sound). I've been studying buddhism lately and one of its goals is to find a stable consciousness amid the constant change both within and around the self. I guess for Paris Hilton, the calm eye of the storm is her facial expression.


Check out the Shasta The Lonely Liger Appreciation Page that I made. It features a humorous full-length song I wrote about her. It's funny as hell, trust me.


The Ultimate Showdown is a great music video. It has Chuck Norris in it!


white ninja comics is pretty cool, check it out.


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