Need someone to explain the Democratic presidential candidates? No problem, just read this article from The Black Table. Thanks to Rachel for the link. In other news, you probably noticed I didn't put up a new comic this week. Well, I've been busy. It's my birthday in two days you know. And I also, er, "found," an "awesome" punk song from a little-known British group from the early 80s called Milk Money. "More" on that "later."


Omigodomigod...BEST THING EVER. At first glance it looks like the official page of the White House...but it's not...link credit goes to my dad. (Note: it's mainly cool because the URL totally tricks you into thinking it's official for about 5 seconds. The articles are sometimes-funny.) In other news, I haven't updated the comic yet. Probably late tonight. Also, I'm turning 25 this weekend! Scary, huh. Quarterlife crisis, yaaaay!

Also, the Golden Raspberry Awards are in. Gigli is getting the most nominations, and I agree with most of the other nominations for worst movie -- Cat in the Hat, The Real Cancun, From Justin To Kelly -- but I have to object to their objection to Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle. I mean, the Charlie's Angels movie was consciously over-the-top and ridiculous, and Golden Raspberries should be given to movies that take themselves seriously but nonetheless are completely awful. And besides, I liked it. Except Demi Moore. *shudder* She needs to get a Razzie for most immobile forehead. BTW, here's a link to a picture of the award. Okay, that's it from me. Winners will evidently be announced on Feb. 28th, and if I'm still paying attention/care I'll let you know.


Omigod...Hamlet text-adventure!!! So good. I love text-based adventure games. Does anyone remember Leather Goddesses of Phobos? That was a text-based adventure game all right, hoo-boy! It was very inappropriate for my age. Possibly still is. Thankx Dank for da linx.


Hey, I just wanted to say HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR! I'm half-Chinese, so I figured I might as well give half an effort on this. Gong Xi Fa Cai is what you say to people, it means basically Good Luck. On the Chinese calendar it's 4701, Year of the Monkey. If Bush gets re-elected, it might as well be.


Hey, do you want to watch television, only you don't like the actual process of watching television? That's okay, go to Television Without Pity. They take all your favorite shows that you don't want to watch, and gives you scene-by-scene synopsis. Synopses? Synopsises? Whatever, it tells you everything. Now you can talk to friends about, say, Gilmore Girls, like a pro without the pain of watching the show every week! You can use the time you saved to, I dunno, read summaries of those shows on the internet. Thankx Mr. Bow for the link.


God damnit. A Japanese court just declared Manga obscene, which will lead to the decline of comic books coming out of Japan if it's upheld. Stupid censorship. I'm equally annoyed that many of my friends can't look at my page at work because their censorship filters deem my website unfit. Just because I say fuck a lot doesn't mean the site's about fucking. So annoying.


Do you dislike Bush Jr.? Do you like commercials? Than you'll love BushIn30Seconds, which hosts a bunch of sometimes-funny political ads done for a contest. In other news, the BBC had a great article on fake universities... people pay these guys thousands to pretend they have a bachelor's or masters or whatever. I found the site of one they talked about, Greater Manchester University, where they say their mission is to help further the State of Vermont. I'm sure Fred Tuttle is happy that a university in England wants to help him out...


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