I love you, Lileks.com! He conducts the time-honored method of taking an easy target, and beating it senseless. I especially love his archives of old-time comics like "Jerry on the Job." Oh, and this. Thanx to Mr. Bow.


What's up. Still sick from last week. I'm actually feeling more or less well, but I'm still stuffed up and low-energy. I was going to do a comic last night but ended up passing out instead. I think it was the right decision. I'll be updating later in the week. In the meantime, go debunk some urban legends or something.


I'm sick. I don't like being sick. It's just wrong. It's almost as wrong as this. Actually, it's not. Anyway, it's thursday already and I'm hoping I'll be well by this weekend, so I can go out and have fun. This is not a flu I want to stay home for.


New comic this week! I was still a bit lazy with the artwork so I didn't sketch it first and then ink it in, just did it all freehand -- but it still ended up looking okay, certainly better than last week. This weekend was pretty busy, I went to parties both friday and saturday and stayed up until 4am both nights. Sunday I left my apartment, like, once, and I'm still feeling wiped out. Man, I'm not looking forward to work tomorrow. Not that I usually do.


New comic up. In black and white. In "Bad Art" style. Yep, lazy. I've been really busy this weekend, partying every night, helping people move, recording music using my fancy-pants new software I got in the mail. But this site's still a priority for me. Why? Because every time I check the weblogs and see all the people accidentally coming to this site after searching for "men's nipples" or "superman symbol" or "jared fogle sucks" on Google, it makes me feel proud. They like me, they really like me!


Feeling blah today. But things aren't too busy at work so I have plenty of time to do what I really want to right now -- stare at the wall. It's a nice wall, really. Maybe I can take a nap on my lunchbreak... I've also got a backlog of comic ideas that I haven't put to ink. I swear I'm just going to sit right down one of these evenings and do a bunch of them. Honest Injun.


What's up. I decided to post Part II of Fulfill The Destiny tonight rather than wait until Monday, because I felt like it, and I doubt anybody's complaining (or cares, really) if I put something up ahead of schedule. So, enjoy! Tonight's gonna rock, my apartment's having a huge-ass housewarming party, I hope everyone gets laid tonight. Except me. I'm on a diet.


I'm baaaack... new article up. I have some comix on the way too, just gotta actually draw them. It was good to get away from it all - but it's good to be back in the land of milk and DSL. Also, kiwi birds are cuuute. Part 2 of Fulfill The Destiny is coming up next week.

Just so you know, I'm switching over to an automated weblog using blogger.com. We'll see how this works...


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