If you've seen Episode Tree of Star Warts, you'll be amused by this page: Noooooo! For some reason it's funnier the more I stare at it.


OMFG Dead Monkey Comics == THE BEST! I like the Blink 182 Rotting Corpse Time Machine.


"The man who begins to go to bed forty minutes before he opens his bedroom door is bored; that is to say, he is not living." A quote from a self-help book written by Arnold Bennett I'm reading off of Project Gutenberg. He has an interesting point of view: that we all live carrying regret that we have not accomplished certain things in our lives because we don't have enough time, when in reality every person has 6 hours each day when he is not eating, working or resting. The key to a fulfilling life is to actually use those hours doing the things we spend time regretting not doing. Hence, the quote's meaning -- that if we are not tired by the time we go to bed, we are not truly living. Here is the book.


Holy f*ck! KITTEN WAR!!!


Patently Silly has a ton of weird inventions at the patent office. They're all a little weird, but some of them aren't half bad. It's the other half I was reading the site for, of course.


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