Check out this latest animation I made using an online animation toy called DFilm: A Nice Day for Souls. It stars Death in Lego form!

Also, if you have the stomach for overwhelming amounts of inescapable advertising, then you should totally check out Heavy.com. It's mostly mindless sarcasm/pandering towards pop-culture icons that passes for post-modern sensibility these days (in my humble "non-pretentious" opinion) but the section "Teriyaki Strips" -- animations that deconstruct old G.I. Joe cartoons is actually really funny. I would skip the Paris Hilton soundboard and go right for the sashimi.


I love this TOY. You type in some words and it sings it back to you using short clips from random pop songs. It's sorta like an auditory ransom note.


I'm in 80s Retro Heaven! Playing Peasant's Quest got me hankering for some old-skool Sierra action, and after some minor web searching I found SpaceQuest.net, which happens to have all 6 Space Quest games available free for download!!! Man, I remember spending $30 on these games way back when! I just played through SQ1 yesterday, and it feels good to walk Roger Wilco around again, and more importantly, making Roger Wilco die horrible painful deaths over and over again. Part of the charm of those old random-item puzzle games was making the characters screw up or die in various ways, because often their deaths are as funny as their lives. Now to find a download site for those Liesure Suit Larry games. Yowza.


I'm usually a big fan of Homestarrunner's stuff, but they've outdone themselves this time. Peasant's Quest isn't just a great parody of the popular Sierra games of the 80s -- it's a great game in its own right, and a pretty big game too. The crew at H*R seems to be making better and better games to go along with their increasingly music-driven animations, so I'm looking forward to them eventually putting out an actual full-length computer game for purchase. I'd certainly play it.

Oh, and I'm also excited on the web animation front because Amy, the maker of MuffinFilms and Big Bunny has another cartoon series I didn't know about...Making Fiends! It's about a little girl named Charlotte who is so annoyingly cheerful that she doesn't notice how scary and evil her friend Vendetta the Fiend Summoner is. Man, I can't believe I didn't know about this one! Go check it out. Um, then come back here! Yeah.

Did any of you see the John Kerry convention speech? I sure did. It was fine.

I'm looking forward to it being the weekend again. Already. My how time flies.


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