Please watch JibJab's parody of Woody Guthrie's "This Land." It's brilliantly done. Hopefully their server's won't be swamped when you try to load it, they're so viral right now it's sick.

Also, Weebl did a new version of his Badger song involving soccer. It's also pretty hypnotic and funny, but in a stupid repetitive way. Here.

On a cartoon note, NMCers seeking regularity should be happy to know that I'm ahead of schedule! I was particularly inspired today, so now we've got new comics lined up for the next five mondays, which should take us into the end of August. There ya go. Check back every monday to see the new strip.


Today's link is golden: Alien in 30 Seconds played by Bunnies. This site has a bunch of Flash animations depicting movies in 30 seconds flat, with bunnies. Today is great.

Unfortunately, today is also a sad day for office censorship. Yet another friend of mine has told me he can't access my website at work because their internet censoring filter labels my site as "tasteless." The problem, I think, is that the filters are right. Darn them and their accurate filtering technology! Darn them to fudging heck!


I never thought I'd be linking to porn, but I have to in this case. Please enjoy Earth Erotica, a titilating gallery of photos featuring rocks that look vaguely like genitalia. I know there's a lot of demand for that. Yeah.

Also, I had a look at the new strain of advertisements: fake humor sites. I came across what appeared to be a tacky and tasteless Pot Noodle fansite, which I took to be ironic kitsch made by some weirdo trying to be funny and random. But on closer examination, I discovered that this site, which draws parallels between eating Pot Noodle ramen to drug use and pornography, was actually sponsored by the company that makes the noodles. It's main feature is a lame game called "Hysterical Girlfriend", in which you hide your Pot Noodle addiction from her or she kicks you in the head -- and if you hide it successfully she'll give you head. This site evidently won its creators, the digital company Glue London, some marketing awards. Very strange to see a company sponsoring off-color ironic websites about its own product, but evidently this is the clever new ad strategy of the future. Unless it's already happened, and all those "I love Spam" sites are actually owned by Spam. Anyway, have a look at the vaguely-funny and a bit creepy Slave2Noodle.co.uk site, and you'll see what I mean.


Linkies for the Masses!!!

You Touched My Tra La La Video!
What a stupid song! What a stupid video! What a horrible mustache! And yet, when you put it all together, it's -- kinda catchy. Damn you, Gunther. Damn you!
True Porn Clerk Stories
Thanks to Chewie for referring me to this. Some of the stories are amazingly funny, and others are just plain narsty.
What's Her Bra Size?
It was amazing how well I failed this celebrity bra-size quiz. I got 18 out of 100. 18. That's 15 questions less than if I had guessed randomly. Now, doing that badly takes skillz.
The Picard Song
For you Star Trek fans out there, this song and video is fantastic.


I hate to say this, but...I think I'm gonna move back to Keenspace. "My, that was short-lived" I bet you're thinking. Well, I basically realized that I don't like the pressure of making sure I break even every month. I'd rather make less (or nothing) and know that I'm not losing money. So I'm dropping www.nonemorecomic.com ASAP while my 30-day window's still open. It sucks because I basically realized this after submitting my site to a dozen search engines, AND writing Yahoo and DMOZ to ask them to change the URL. But ah well. Sorry for this ridiculousness, we now go back to your regularly scheduled comics.

UPDATE: Hey, this isn't so bad after all. LunarPages refunded my hosting money, but let me keep the domain name I bought through them! So now I'm going to redirect http://www.nonemorecomic.com to point to my old URL, and that will be that! That way, even if the search engines I wrote earlier try to go to the wrong place, they'll end up here anyway. Woo! So I feel better now. This has been a learning experience, definitely. I've learned that...well...Okay I haven't learned much of anything, other than this: If you start futzing around with things that aren't broken, you can end up wasting a lot of time for no particular reason. I'm sure there's a more succinct way of putting that, but this past week hasn't exactly been a display of efficiency, in retrospect.


So much progress today...most stuff works on the new site now...that is, except the comics. Which is the most important thing. Rrrr. For now, I'll just have this location and nonemore.keenspace.com work in parallel, until I can get a PHP script working (or beg a friend to get it working for me. I know I can do it, it's just a question of how.


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