Quake III vs. Karnov: Ho-kay then. In other news, Memorial Day weekend is coming up. I'm excited about going to a barbecue on saturday, and then Atlantic City on sunday, then doing some D&D action on monday. So it should be a fun weekend. Dunno what's going on tonight though. Most likely taking care of my girlfriend who is ill. Stupid fresh ill, yo!

Also, check out the Sloganator. Bush-Cheney made this thing that let you print out your own customized campaign posters, with "Paid for by Bush-Cheney" on the bottom. Well of course Democrats started making ironic posters using it, and when Republicans caught on they shut it down. The link goes to a flash animation archiving the better creations.


Thanks to Ashley, I got to watch a monkey spank a grown man. Thanks IBC Root beer. Also, I have to thank Lore's newest site, Little Fluffy Industries, for providing flash webgames to distract me. Okay, back to work.


I know I say this a lot, but BEST PAGE EVER. It's characters from the Justice League, My-Little-Pony-fied. I have to admit that some of the selections were Justice Leaguers I've never heard of, like Booster Gold. I did some (Google) research, and Booster Gold is actually a pretty cool superhero. He was DC's first superhero to save lives for the sake of money and fame. Usually greed means you're the bad guy, but evidently Booster Gold (god I hate that name) is able to lead a balanced life with crimefighting and endorsement deals. Hell, that's what Kobe does. Hmm, maybe Kobe wasn't the best example. Thanks Elph for the link.


When you have time, check out www.JohnKerryIsADoucheBagButImVotingForHimAnyway.com. Actually, don't check it out. There's nothing particularly funny about this site other than the URL. But the URL is great.


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