I was inspired to provide a link to the Garbage Pail Kids! Remember those trading card/stickers that came with a stick of gum? Those cards were balls-nasty. The gum was pretty bad too. You should check out the virtual card collection on the site, there are like a billion cards. Some of it's pretty gross, just to warn you, but some area also pretty hilarious (and gross).


Hey guys. I'm on jury duty right now and will be for the next two weeks, so it'll be hard to find the time to do a lot of webupdates. But obviously there's a new comic up today, albeit a "crap-chic" style one, and I'll be able to write sometimes too. Hope you all are well.


Hope ya'll had a great Valentine's President's Weekend. One linky for today: Augenblick Studios. I liked the Seeing Eye Dog animation in the Penny Arcade section, and I like staring at the "loading" logo. In other news...no other news. Today is one of those "getting older, not wiser" type of days.


For those interested in ethics, here's an article about Senator Orrin Hatch who recently was condemned by fellow Republicans for condemning another Republican who had read some Democrat's e-mails and leaked them to the papers. In other news, I'm feeling a lot better today, though my energy is still low and I'm coughing. But that's not stopping me from being at work. Woo! Wait.


Hey guys. I'm glad to announce that NoneMore is back...sort of. I can upload stuff now, but the manual update is still non-functional so it won't be until tomorrow that the new comic appears. In the meantime enjoy the silly song I'm putting up. I hope this doesn't keep happening, because I don't really wanna switch hosts at this point...in other news, I was ill for the past four days. Which kinda sucked. I'm still sick actually. The plus side of this is I got to spend quality time with the GameCube title Animal Crossing, which rocks tons of ass even though it has pretty much zero plot. Your goal, if you feel like it, is to earn money to renovate your home and buy furniture and clothing, and otherwise you can hang out with the various animal residents. Or you can walk around and chop down trees and pick weeds for no reason. It's a real time-waster, and when you're too ill to read or do your taxes, that's the best type of game out there. Anyway, glad the website's basically update-able again. Take care and thanks for being patient. Oh, and have fun hitting penguins. (Didn't I see this in Super Smash Brothers?) Thankx Ashley.


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