Two "new" flash animations that are really awesome: SchfiftyFive, and Mario Twins. Thanks Madeleine!


These G.I. Joe PSAs are still the bomb. Word on the street is that Fensler got a cease-and-desist letter from Hasbro. He's had to take them off his site -- but it's still free on other parts of the Internet. Be free, Internet! Be free!


Let's hear it for Lonely Astronaut! Every time another flash animation is made available for free on the web, another angel gets its wings.


You'll notice the link right above the cartoon shows a minimalist animation I've recently done. I'm steadily learning the basic techniques, and I'll work up to making a full animated cartoon one of these days. In the meantime, regardless of your partisan leanings you'll probably enjoy SlapTheCandidate.com. It lets you slap around each candidate and keeps a running total on how many times each side has been slapped. I couldn't help but slap both of them. F*ckers.


When you have a chunk of time, read this online story called Wash Out. It's a short story that's been illustrated with still photos of actors. It may seem kind of cheezy at first, but keep reading it, it's actually pretty awesome. I don't know about the other stories on the site.


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