I'm currently digging the latest Jay-Z/White Rocker synthesis album, Jay-Zeezer (The Black and Blue Album, haha). It's not as tight as the Grey Album or the Jay-Z/Linkin Park thing, but it's pretty damned good and it's free of charge, dude. Here.


I know I already proved long ago that Superman is Satan, but did you know that Superman is a Dick? Thanks National Lampoon for this collection of real Superman comic covers. Somehow they don't make Superman come off as a very nice fellow.


Harry Frankfurt's "On Bullshit" is a serious philosophical essay on the meaning and implications of all the bullshit that's been going around.


For anyone who knows Batman well, this comic is hilarious. Enjoy Jay Pinkerton.com



Gong Xi Fa Tsai!


This one's funny to web designers in particular, but also to anyone who has to suck it up and say pretty much exactly the opposite of what they think to a superior. Man, it's genius. A lesson in punctuation substitution.


Please go to this craigslist posting...you won't be disappointed...best thing EVER.

Best Thing Ever.

After I saw this I couldn't breathe for about half an hour. The more you stare at the photos the funnier it gets...

Also, I'm continuing to learn Flash and recently made a shoot-em-up space invaders game. I'm light-years ahead of where I was a month ago even. Check it out, yo.

Starship Defender.


Today, for reasons unknown to me, I experienced a nagging desire to remember how to do all the calculus I learned in high school and then forgot. So I found these online flash tutorials that explain the concepts behind basic calculus. It's boring, but not as boring as calculus was. Enjoy "Calculus for Phobes."


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