Thank you, PickleParty.com, for filling the obvious consumer demand for offensive e-cards! The free market is grateful. And thanks to Rach for the link....oh yeah, and it's FRIIIDAY! I'm ready to chill. But this weekend is in fact horrendously busy. Man, I party too much.

Also, check out Iusedtobelieve.com, an archive of childhood beliefs. My favorite so far: "One Halloween, when I was about 7, my Dad dressed up in his old Navy uniform and my Mom dressed up a "girl that dates sailors." When the neighbors came over dressed the same, they told me that they were all dressed up as sailors and hookers. So for about 4 or 5 years, I thought that hookers were just girls that liked to date sailors..." Thanks for the link Ass-Ley.


Hola. For your reading enjoyment, here's a copy (in PDF format) of a document that's been circulating the email circuit: Patent 4,666,425, A Device to Keep A Severed Head Alive. Evidently this "Chet Fleming" is a real guy, and he has a book on Amazon, aptly titled If We Can Keep A Severed Head Alive. Though I'm a bit skeptical about this actually being for real, because as far as I'm aware you can't get a U.S. patent under a fake identity. But anyway, read the patent, which is 11 pages long. It's has the combination of being boring and creepy, which is a weird combination. Like a hamburger topped with vanilla ice cream.

In other news, I did next week's cartoon today. Which means I'm actually ahead of schedule! That hasn't happened in a while. Though for the first 1 1/2 years of the strip I was usually ahead by a month or two. That was in no small part because I was in college, and spent inordinate amounts of time drawing comics instead of studying. Nowadays I'm often burned out after 8 hours of work, and I'm also trying to write and record music while maintaining the website. I know, excuses excuses. I'm just happy that NMC is continuing to plod ahead into the future. As far as I'm concerned, this comic will keep going until my hand stops working. It may not be frequent updates, but there'll always be a new comic on the horizon from now until the day I die. How's THAT for the mother of all big fat promises?!


Do any of ya'll remember The State?! Best show ever. BEST SHOW EVER. Thanks Metallian for this most-excellent link to a pretty awesome archive of their skits.

Also, any anti-Rumsfeldites out there will appreciate this video clip where Rumsfeld embarasses himself. He claims that he has never said that Iraq was an imminent threat and that this was a myth made by the media, and then the journalist digs up a couple quotes where Rumsfeld said that Iraq was an imminent threat. Take that, you big poopy-pants!


I had been considering getting Lasik recently...and after talking to former patients and doing research on the procedure, I decided not to. So instead I bought myself an iPod! I think I needed to reward myself in some major way after dropping something I had wanted to do for a long time. Besides, I think being able to ignore crazy people on the subway is sort of like improving your vision.


Today I was reminiscing about an old children's show I really dug, called The Great Space Coaster. Does anyone remember Gary Gnu? "No g-news is good g-news unless it's Gary Gnu..." Man, I loved that show. I might need to buy a tape of it off eBay or something now. Though the real thing is often not nearly as good as your memory of it.


Yo! Play with the Dishonest Dubya Doll! Complete with 4 different outfits, a bagillion quotes, and a pretzel-wretching action!


The Onion this week -- wow. Maybe this is because I was a philosophy major in college, but this article on the Neitzschean diet is pure genius. In other news, I'm sending off a demo today of some of the songs I've been recording in hopes that an indie label will pick me up. I don't think anything will come of it, but hey -- for me it's the cost to mail a burned CD. Totally worth it.


Read the story of Eggman, from outer space.

Then buy the Talkie Toaster. You know, the one from the BBC Red Dwarf series. You've never seen that series? Bloody shame, that is.


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