For those of you who are Democrats and feel sad about Bush leading in the polls, read this article by Michael Moore, forwarded to me by Starre. Mr. Moore isn't always right or accurate, but bless his heart for being bold and angry! Oh, and vote on November 4th. Voting afterward or beforehand doesn't work as well. Though it can be done.


For those of you who are going to vote, this handy Presidential Candidate Quiz should tell you which guy you'd want to vote for based on your own personal values. It gives rankings and percentages at the end for all the candidates so you can tell how much you agree with a candidate on both social and economic issues. I thought it was useful -- I already know who I'm voting for (Kerry), but it was neat to see to what percent I agreed to his views. The fact that I didn't agree with any candidate in the field over 60% of the time is probably a testament to the selections we have these days. Thanks for the link Erick.


For those of you who like reading the news, Fark.com seems to link to absurd articles. Kind of a waste of time, but the same could be said of the Internet in general. Or child-rearing.


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