For me, Thanksgiving isn't really about Pilgrims and Indians eating a lot

-- it's about family, eating a lot. So that's my plan.

Word to all of you, and whatever you choose to eat, don't go hungry.

Unless you've decided to fast today -- hey, that's cool too.

\\// __oo


    / \         <----That's my ASCII turkey. Yep.


Sigh...after a couple years relatively lust-free regarding famous celebrities, I have now fallen hopelessly in love with Saira Mohan. An interesting thing about this model is that many are saying (with self-important grandiose tones) that Saira is The Modern Standard for Universal Beauty, because she is both super-hot and a mix of three different ethnicities. Hey, I'm a mutt too! Maybe half-Asian nerdboys will be in fashion soon. That'd be something.


Yo! Mr. Bow says read about this crazy-ass breatharian miracle man! Oh yeah, and happy Macy's Day...er, Thanksgiving Day! I'm gonna have turkey with my Aunt and Uncle in the city, hope your plans involve inhumane amounts of food as well.

Also, it turns out that I got a few reviews off of FunnyPapers.com: "neato! lots of thingies to distract me." "the comic aren't updatd nearly enoug but the humoe articles r cool." "One of the best webcomics out there, more or less because it reminds me of my own, except this guy actually updates regularly." This makes me feel good. Especially because this means that people I don't personally know read my stuff and like it. This reminds me, I really do need to put up a new comic. None More Matrix Week is over, after all.


After attending a lecture by modern-day Utilitarian Peter Singer, I've been reading some of his other works -- today I worked through this article on speciesism and animal equality. I don't know how I feel about it yet, though his main argument is compelling -- that our moral consideration of other beings rests not upon their ability to reason, but their ability to suffer. That being said, I'm off to eat a burger at Wendy's. (I never claimed to be morally considerate.)


I went on a date last night. It rocked. In other news, check out this Choose Your Own Adventure for New Yawk City, thankx Mr. Bow for the link. Also, the Brunching Shuttlecocks aren't dead, just easily winded. But Lore's still got it.

Hey, thanks people for your positive feedback regarding my flash animation. I've already had an idea about my next one, which will be slightly longer and slightly more fancy. It's all about "What About Bob?" progress.

More links, from Denis: BBC News article about babies being named after popular household products. And, for $40K you can buy Space Ghost's desk and chair. Man, where did I leave that $40,000 lying around? Lemme check the couch...


Man, nothing like waking up in the morning, grabbing a cup of Joe, and reading AintItCoolNews.com using an Ali G translator.

Also, I'M FREAKING PUMPED! Tonight I finished None More's first-ever talking flash animation! It's not too shabby for a first try, though depressingly short considering the number of hours it took to put it together. I'll probably post it officially on monday. Right now, I'm going to bed.


Thanks to Coffman, I started perusing the Annie's Natural Mac 'N Cheese site, and I love this page for their Arthur-shaped pasta. Basically they say, "Hey, are your kids media-brainwashed idiots? Trick them into eating this!" The company even plugs the fact that this kid-friendly organic mac-n-cheese is naturally dyed bright orange so the kids will think it's normal. Sigh.

Also, looks like I'm not the only guy with a nutjob article about Superman. Good to know. In other news, I'm close to finishing that little talking-Phil flash thing I've been doing. To be honest, I'm trying to finish it as fast as possible so I can move onto something that doesn't suck as much. That being said, I think I did an aaight job right in the very beginning, even if the lips aren't synching up right from that point on...


I spent most of yesterday evening learning some more about flash animation -- I know roughly how to sync up mouth movements to speech now, sort of. I've mainly learned that animating takes an assload of time -- even with the power of 'tweening (meaning the program makes up the frames in-between keyframes you make so you don't need to do every single thing), it still takes forever just to do a few seconds of not very much happening. I'll post my results later this week, but be warned that it's going to be Lamor the Sub-Mariner... oh, and I got a couple linkies for you through Stina... you need to watch this at all costs, it's a genius animation about the end of the world. This is cute as well. Finally, from Mr. Bow comes this Red Meat-like comic, it's Qwelity.


From Elph: little red monkey. I like the song. The monkey itself could have been more...animated. Like, with moving appendages. But who am I to complain -- I have yet to make a real animation myself! Last night I worked on making a talking Phil...but I don't really understand how to do it. I think I might have to take a tutorial or 50 first.


Matrix week continues...mainly because I did four things last week, so I feel entitled to be lazy...the thing is that I haven't even bothered to see Revolutions, because of universally poor reviews...read this. Or this. Granted, I'd probably enjoy it more than the second one, but that's like saying that babies aren't hard to beat up -- I mean you can do it, but what's the point, it's not like you can't take their stuff either way. So I've taken Revolutions' stuff (made fun of it), but have no need to beat it up, and by beat it up, I mean beat myself up by watching it.

I'm sure other people will enjoy it, though. Particularly if they liked Episode II: Attack of the Clones.


After seeing church sites out there like that Lambuel site, it was inevitable there'd be some comedic backlash. Enjoy this article on the Landover Baptish Church site. Thanks Jen, for traumatizing me.

In other news, Matrix coming going up tonight. I just gotta ink it in. And watch the Lakers play the Spurs. It's a hard-knock life.


Yo! Happy Matrix week! All I gots left is the comic -- which I can do thursday thanks to band practice being cancelled. My band's not so healthy thanks to the rhythm guitarist quitting last night. But hey, I have high hopes, we'll totally play a gig...sometime. In other news, I got a link from Denis for this weird badger mushroom snake animation thing. Hey, whatever works.


'Tsup fools. I'm Marshie. Er, yeah. Anyway, this week's a special week because Mr. Bow has authored two fantastic Matrix-related articles. So this week is NONE MORE MATRIX WEEK, and (hopefully) late tonight there'll be a new comic, two new articles, and a custom banner of some sort. Look out now!...

UPDATE: Okay, I failed. My ambition of doing two articles, a comic and a banner all tonight was extremely unrealistic of me. But I did get a banner done! Okay, I guess I'll just put up the rest as it comes. Not exactly a professional presentation, but oh well. I'm not Golgo 13. On a side note, the GameCube game Viewtiful Joe is awesome. And distracting.


Tom sent me a link to a kids' religion webpage, featuring Jesus-loving Lambuel. It's great because it's cuddly and cute, and presents theological arguments only kids could love. "Atheists such as crotchety old Mr. Gruff think they've got it all figured out...but then why are they always so sad?" Oh, that makes sense, I don't want to always be sad so I won't be Atheist. "Hey Habu...how many gods do you have? 'I don't know...I lost count!' Wouldn't you rather have just one God who loves you a bunch than a bunch of gods that don't love you at all?" Hey that's right, Hinduism doesn't make any sense! Haha, isn't this webpage funny and amusing? My favoriteist part is where they're like, "Atheists are often very grumpy and bitter and will lash out at children or they may even try to trick you into neglecting God's Word. Very advanced witnessing techniques are needed for these grouches. Let the adults handle them." That's right, Atheists baaaad and dangerous. Good thing I'm Agnostic. Agnostics are furry and lovable!


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