Happy New Year, peoples. My resolution this year is to fulfill the resolution I made the year before -- that resolution being to fulfill my resolutions of the previous years. I'm sure there were some actual resolutions somewhere down the chain. In other news, a good friend of mine gave me X-Men Shrinky Dinks! But the best part of it was that there's space in between the pre-made cut-outs where you can draw your own stuff -- so I made a Phil S.R. I'm excited about making S.R. versions of all the NoneMore characters now, so I can do ShrinkyDinkTheatre. Maybe that should be my New Years resolution -- aim low, and the world is your oyster. Oh, also you should enjoy Virtual Bubblewrap! Thanks Howe.


Yo Santy! I'm back from the holidays! That means I'll start updating the damn site again. Yeah! I've already got an idea for a new comic, I just need to, like, draw it. Also, due to requests on the Tagboard, I resurrected Rodger. He's got a smaller box to play in, but he's alive and shaking. All right, I'm exhausted from the flight so I'm turning in. Night!


Take the Art or Crap Quiz! Then, contribute to the "cause" by going to Google and searching for the words "miserable failure", wherein the biography for George W. Bush will pop up! It's the latest subversive "Google Bomb" to hit the web! No jihad here, just some good clean ribbing of our "beloved President". Woo! YeahZ!! It's so exciting I'm going to use three exclamation points!!!.

Also, from Metallian comes this link: Doctor Who: Scream of the Shalka. It's a great 6-episode flash animation series.


Hola. Hey, you probably heard that they found Saddam. Can't wait to see the classy web animations that come out of that one...in other news, this week is insane. I've got band practice monday and tuesday, wednesday I'm going to a Christmas party with The Onion, thursday my band Negative Ken is performing, and on friday I catch a plane out to Indiana for Christmas break. And at work I've gotta finish everything -- I'm telling you, this week's gonna be a challenge worthy of...I dunno, a piece of cheese? Anyhow, laters. Happy non-denominational holiday wishes to all ya'll.


Hey guess what? I wrote an article this morning! It'll be up tomorrow -- it's a deeply irreverent script to a TV show starring God, Satan and the Holy Ghost. It's pretty bad, but it has its moments. I was gonna wait until monday to put it up, but you know, it's already written, why wait. So, enjoy! Reading it should kill at least 8 minutes.

Also, the website for my cover band has gotten revamped. It's slightly fancier! If you live in NYC, you should totally come to our gig. Cover's only $3.


As you have probably noticed, the peoples here at None More have a bone to pick with the BBC News. Because of this, we frequently doctor up their articles to make them funnier and/or more wrong. But today I saw an article that sorta looks like we doctored, but didn't actually. Enjoy this article about the bling-bling minister of Goa.


'Tsup, fools. No update this week because I'm practicing like crazy with my band -- we're playing our first gig next thursday and I'm getting ready. I did have time to check out Lore's graphical addition to his CYBORG name generator: it makes a graphic with the acronym and a little robot next to it. I made three of them (yep, bored):

Also, have you ever wondered about the velocity of an unladen swallow? I haven't. Thank the Lord for Monty Python, lemme tell you. Gets me through those cold nights...Also, I've been watching DVDs of the BBC sci-fi sitcom series Red Dwarf, about a mining starship whose crew have all died save for one guy, who lives with the descendant of this pet cat and a holographic recreation of his bunkmate. It's quite funny, really.


Thanks Metallian for giving me a link to this Heavy-Metal Album generator. Also, um, hi.


Coffman found an ancient 20-sided die for sale from ancient Rome. The caption reads that they don't know what game it was used for. My bet is that they were playing the Roman version of Shadowrun -- a post-apocalyptic futuristic world where Carthage rules the Earth and people travel around in "self-propelled chariots"...


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