Happy Halloween!!! This year I dressed as a flamenco dancer...no photos, sorry. But check out the best costume ever... Some guy figured out how to make a Transformers costume that actually transforms him into a car! Props to Dave for the link. Okay, more links: flash animation regarding Bob Dylan's spacemonkey: pretty good. Also, move over Number 1 Studowski, here's Tucker Max. And I don't think this is a humor site, though you might laugh a little. Or be horrified. Whatever.


If you like to read news articles, here's a link from Mr. Bow: CIA spy dragonflies! In other news, I have a splitting headache today. Wonder if it's because of the green tea I've been drinking in the evenings. Whatever the case, I felt pretty damned good last night, sipping that tea and watching a documentary on Shaolin monks, so the headache's almost worth it.


Attention shoppers... GO BUY DIAMONDS!!! Thanks Denis for the link to this as well as the Vatican link. Also, click on this to see the best picture ever. Do it! Trust me. Or not. There seems to be some sort of serious article about genetically modified foods or something. I was too distracted. Thankx to longtime contributor Bow fo da linx.


Just so you know, The Vatican says masturbation is like a Ferrari in 1st gear. Just letting you know.

In other news, happy Halloween...week. I'll be updating the comic later tonight. It probably won't be Halloween related. Well, maybe. Woo!


Link for today: The Brick Testament! Read the Bible the way it should be...with legos! When I was a kid, I was obsessed with those little bricks. I made my own Johnny 5 out of some spaceship parts. "Johnny 5 alive!" he'd say, in my imagination. But even at the peak of my enthusiasm, I was never religious about it.

Also, if you have a PC, you might want to check out Skype, a free webphone program. It's from KaZaa and Slate.com reports that it's supposed to work really well. But I gots a Mac so I can't use it. :-(


Help a brother out. If you are a girl, and you want to be this guy's girlfriend, he will love you. Number1Stud.com Okay, that's my linky for the day. I'm having a really lame weekend. Haven't left the building since yesterday, just working on music stuff. It needed to happen -- and I've got nothing better to do, no better place to be. Happy or sad, depending on your p.o.v.


For those of you who like roleplaying humor, read THIS. D02 Know No Limit!!!

I'm also sad that both the Chicago Cubs and the Boston Red Sox lost their game 7s and will not be facing each other in the World Series. Not that I'm a big baseball fan, but it would have been interesting to see two cursed teams go head to head. But neither of them made it. Because they're both cursed. Curses!


During my company's staff meeting today, I drew this...thing. I'm pretty sure it's a bird. As far as I know, that was the only thing accomplished during the staff meeting. In other news, I have a new story written for next week! Still gotta do the HTML for it though. Anyway, have a good one ya'll.


Ah...that's why. Evidently when you search for "Superman Symbol" on Google, that silly article I wrote pops up as the #1 site. Ooookay then. Good for you, Google! Send all the Superman fans my way so I can promptly insult their intelligence. Excellent.

Thank Douglass it's the weekend.


Hey, waddup. I'm in pretty good spirits today, though freaking tired. Sadly, little Jenna didn't visit me...she must be overbooked. Such is the life of the infamous -- too many fans to stab all of them...in the spirit of stabbing things, I look forward to seeing KILL BILL this weekend, it promises to be bloody, stoopid and awesome.

Bloody stoopid awesome! Yeah!!!

I got a few positive emails from people saying they liked my Dirty Jokes! article. The other praise I've gotten regards my 'sarcastic' treatment of Jenna, which was, like the jokes article, done quickly and with little thought. Perhaps the best things in life are the ones done hastily. And perhaps, a maxim saved is a maxim you don't have to read. Mmm, Maxim.

I'd like to mention that my website is now getting a steady stream of hate mail regarding an article I wrote two years ago entitled "Superman Symbol: Mark of the Devil?"...and nobody is criticizing it because it is badly written, which would be my approach, but because they're shocked that I would say such unsanctimonious things about the Man of Steel. Hey guys...I'm KIDDING. Though he does uphold the status quo and is sometimes a self-richeous bastard, I think Kent's an okay guy. We hang out sometimes. It baffles me how people can go to what is obviously a humor site, and then take what it says dead-seriously. It's like they've missed the Noah's Ark of humor evolution and just don't get "this sarcasm thing." Geez, do you think Super Wal-Mart sells kryptonite for idiots?


Today I got this email forwarded to me..."My name is jenna, I am 7 years old, I have black hair, red eyes, no ears and no mouth. I am dead. U must send this message to 15 people within the next 5 minutes or I will appear by your bed tonight and kill you with a knife. If you do something good will happen to you at 12:12 pm. Either you will get a call, or someone will instant message you and say that they love you. This is not a joke"...so of course I didn't forward it because I want to meet this little darling! I drew a picture of her, see?

I love you, adorable murderous pre-teen! See you tonight.


Hey, what's up. Well, I updated this week at least. I've been using all my free time to work on my recording project, so I never got around to doing another comic. But I have put up a new article. I did it in 5 minutes and it just might be the worst thing I've ever written, but hey...it's NEW. New is good. Certainly better than bad. Maybe. Anyway, I'm beat, so laters.


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