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"Dear Supervisor"
"Everybody Loves God" TV Pilot
Why The Future Isn't Here
Board Game Military Science
Poorly Groomed Matrix Stars
Homestarrunner Fanfic!
For Your Love
Matrix Revolutions Way Too Early
Dirty Jokes!
Perfect Breasts in Danger
The Samwell Twins Play "Pentagon"
Totally Sweet Ninjas attack Congo train

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Rhymes with Orange
Jared Fogle Sucks
Rejection Form Letter
Highlights from a Religious Pamphlet
Asimo Becomes More Superhuman-like
On the Pressing Issue of Guy Nipples
Superman Symbol: Mark of the Devil?
How to Tell Your Girlfriend's Cheating
The Untimely Demise of Our Favorite Emoticons
The Manga Hot Girlz of None More

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