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a reader submission by Kathy, August 2004

Just this afternoon, I received a reader submission. Here it is, in its entirety.

Dear Irreverent Sir,

Below is a poem that I wrote about a certain supervisor. Would you be interested in publishing it on your e-zing?

Thank you for your consideration.


Tampa, FL

She called me "Irreverent Sir." That's awesome. I also liked that my website was called an "e-zing." I liked the sound of that word. It's like Miracle Whip to another webzine's mayonnaise. Anyway, below is Kathy's poem of sweet literary revenge. And as for you, "Certain Supervisor": know that you have been officially slain. With words. Words like fists. Tampa Florida fists.

Sincerely, Irreverent Sir Bayard Russell, Ed.


Dear Supervisor

Credit taken, none deserved,
You're just a little bit absurd.
An ironic boss, you're just the ticket
For playing artful games of cricket.

Liar, liar, pants on fire,
You're a fraud by your own desire.
How can you honestly live with yourself,
Stocking your prefab heart on a shelf?

What a freakish phony facade,
Installed with Elmer's and Plasticine rods,
Exhibiting prattle, wrongs and fast rules
And dripping with childish, backstabbing drool.

I bet you a million you cry in your sleep,
Ashamed your sincerity is less than skin deep.
Neither innocent lamb nor harmless snake,
You're nothing at all but a credible fake.

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