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Rhymes With Orange
by B. Russell

A colorful body of knowledge or tradition, usually communicated 1. while seated around a roaring campfire, 2. while roaring seated around a campfire, or 3. while roaring around a seated camp on fire. It is about oranges, usually.

The color of blood and gore. This color comes in the "Fun with Realism" Crayola color set. Many great French historical paintings have been made through liberal application of this color.

The color of bravery and defy-the-odds patriotism. Oddly enough, it is exactly the same color as Gorange, but with better PR.

A slang term for the ever-popular callgirl ranches of Nevada. This term was first brought into mainstream consciousness after the wildly popular adaptation of a classic folk song, "Home on the Whorange." Where the deer and the buffalo play, indeed.

A state of complete boredom, as used in the following sentence: "I am in a state of borange." This term is also refers to the "color" of boredom. It isn't actually a color, technically, it's more like a bunch of other colors swirled together haphazardly. The inventor, a color engineer/paint-mixing guy for Crayola at the time, was in a severe state of borange. He apologized afterwards for the mishap, but by then it was far too late.

The term hunters use to describe the distance within which they can accurately hit a given target when that distance is exactly nil. The word usually comes into play when it is too dark for the hunter to see, or when the hunter is too wasted to pick up the gun. More often the latter than the former.


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