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Lore doesn't do this site anymore,
but it still provides links
to his current work.
He's still got it.

Not quite as brilliant as the Wisconsin days,
but we'll take it.

A monster of a good site.
He's famous for humorously dissecting
the crap of yesteryear.

Brilliant homage/ridicule of
Hostess Fruit-Pies and Superfriends.

Modern Humorist
Reasonably funny!

The Hayden
Some good writing.

Yellow Banana
An excellent collection of humor.

Mind Feck
He draws cartoons
based on reader-submitted titles.

A comic webzine like us.
Only different.

Comics featuring members of
Korn and other rock divas.

Wonderful Comics:
This comic webzine is beautiful.
They printed one of my artsy comics.

The Void
I like this site's
simple aesthetic.

Relics of the PostAge
mock-postcards that
ridicule societal hypocrisies

Top Secret 99


Nesso Boys' Choir
Neato comic based on my
college D&D party!

Homestar Runner
Absolutely amazing flash site.

Something Positive
An AWESOME comic.

Go Sluggy!

Stripped Again!
It's an awesome series.

Modern Evil
This artist maintains 5 distinct
comics, all of them decent.

Superhero dudes. They fly.

Bob & George: The Comic.
Featuring Mega Man
and self-referential humor.

Light-hearted blasphemy.

RPG World
Living in an RPG
console is wack.

Schlock Mercenary
Anybody remember Space Quest?

Fat Jesus
It's Jesus!
He's fat.

The Neon Umbra
Go anime-influenced webcomics!

More Links:

BBC News
My favorite international news site.

The Drudge Report
A continually updated
news-junkie site

A decent supplemental news resource.

Kinda full of themselves,
but sometimes interesting.

Maxim Online
Softcore porn.

The New Yorker
I read this for some reason.

Yay anti-corporate activism!

This is just to demonstrate
that I am a complete geek.

A great destination for
short movies and flash animations.

Another great destination for
flash cartoons.

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