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Max Million and His Amazing Power Suit
by Dude

Max Million awoke in the bedroom of his well-kept yet undefined middle lifestyle apartment in upper Manhattan. He actually earned enough to purchase a high lifestyle if he so desired, but Max chose to downgrade so he could afford a few... modifications. Max got dressed, ate breakfast bla bla..

When Max got to the boardroom, he was more than ready. His potential clients were seasoned businessmen and prepared for the hard sell. But Max had recently installed enhanced verbal articulation and boosted his intelligence to 6, and these things working alongside his internal BSTC (Business Strategy Tactical Computer) would make his presentation almost irresistible. And those in the room who held out initially would find themselves without a saving throw against Max Million's power suit. It was an Armani, the best they had ever seen, with silver threads that gleamed in the fluorescent. Max purchased it from Ralph, his street shaman contact who had blessed it with the power to give Max 6 automatic successes in all business encounters.

"Morning, everyone," Max said.

"You've got yourself a deal!" everyone in the room said as they sprang up and broke into spontaneous applause. Max had made the biggest kill of his career.

Afterwards, Max had some lunch, used the bathroom bla bla..

Later that evening, Max hit the night scene. Max had spent some of his starting cash to get a club owner contact, so he drank there for free. Club Americana was a premier nightclub, full of hot young women with charisma ratings of at least 5. These ladies were used to getting hit on by the best, but Max's stats were insane. Earlier that month he had built up enough Karma to raise his natural charisma to 6, and his tailored pheromones boosted it to 8. Adding in the +2 Max got whenever he was wearing the power suit, he came into every sexual encounter with a whopping 10 charisma. Max looked around, then walked up to a number the GM described as being particularly hot.


"Take me now, whoever you are! I don't care where, I don't care how, just do me!"

This woman was not to be disappointed. Max had also purchased love muscle augmentation, so he was not to be outdone in the bedroom. His impressive dexterity rating of 6, combined with his skills in athleticism and acrobatics, brought random NPC X to the greatest heights of ecstasy. Afterwards, he used his cab driver contact to take her home for free.

The day being done, Max went to take a shower, brush his teeth bla bla.. and went to bed, falling into a dreamless sleep, ready for a new day of mergers and acquisitions. It would be challenging, but Max and his Armani Power Suit of Slaying would be ready.

Roleplaying humor bla bla..