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Six Things
by B. Russell and J. Bow

Six Things That Will Be Banned When I Am Supreme Being, Just To Piss People Off
6. Kayaks
5. Snow cones
4. Pangea (concept of)
3. Sign language
2. The Key of "C"
1. Brendan Fraser

Six People I Would Probably Sleep With, If Trapped On Desert Island
6. That Wendy's Girl (pigtails=handlebars)
5. Martha Stewart
4. Ally McBeal
3. Stiffler's Mom
2. Your Mom
1. Tori Spelling

Six Reiterations of the word "Pony"
6. Pony
5. Pony
4. Pony
3. Pony
2. Pony
1. Moo... er, Pony

Six Things That Are The Sounds of Silence
6. One Hand Clapping
5. Tree Falling In Forest, Nobody Present
4. Ditzy Blonde In Typical Blonde Joke
3. Nap Time
2. The Words Of The Prophet Are Written On The Subway Walls
1. ________


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