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None More Comic's Top 20 Search Engine Entries
by Bayard Russell

I was checking my web statistics tracker for None More Comic today, and it turns out that among the information it displays, it gives a list of the top 20 most common phrases entered into search engines that lead people to my site. The list was so insane that I thought some of you would be interested in having a look. These are my real webstats, no joke.

Top 20 of 23 Total Search Strings
Generated by Webalizer Version 1.30

13.33% superman symbol
6.67% wop degos
6.67% buddha
6.67% smell whats cooking the rock
6.67% bayard russell
3.33% slanty eyed gook
3.33% emily otter
3.33% kan you smell what the rock is cooking?
3.33% comic writings
3.33% little head poem
3.33% medevil castle cartoons
3.33% comic strips of alien fuckfests
3.33% more comic
3.33% emoticon nasty
3.33% comic strips twisted
3.33% powerpuff girls blowjob
3.33% comic
3.33% nmb comics press
3.33% little rain cloud comic
3.33% disney's gummy bear television show

Honestly, fellas, get your minds out of the gutter. "Little rain cloud comic?" Puh-leeze... But on a more serious note, I suspect that these webstats probably should be giving me some indication that what I'm producing on my site isn't exactly "high art." (Sigh.)


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