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The Powerpuff Girls Are Way Militaristic
by Phil

Not since Starship Troopers have I seen a cartoon that so blatantly promotes militarism.  The Powerpuff Girls  is a propagandistic evil monstrosity promoting violence as a means of keeping order and the status quo, and it's all disguised as a sugar-coated story about three pre-pubescent girls fighting crime.

The writers want to make it clear that The Powerpuffs are not vigilantes.  They work for The Mayor, Mayor Mayor.  In one episode where the Powerpuff Girls move to another city, they make sure to check in with the mayor of that new town and work for him.  The Powepuffs always work for The Mayor and nobody else.  And when Mayor was no longer The Mayor in one episode, they went ahead and served Mayor Fuzzy Lumpkins, even though Fuzzy has consistently been a "bad guy" character throughout the series.  Why would they serve him anyway?  Because The Girls are the military so they serve whoever is in power.  And guess what?  The people of the City of Townsville love it.  Why?  Because who could resist the charms of these three pre-pubescent girls?

Maybe the military would be more popular in the United States if they wore cuter outfits.  It's the leotard that makes the superhero, after all.

The Powerpuffs have a very simple solution to problems:  beat things up.  It's a very simple procedure, really.  Find the culprits, beat the shit out of 'em, and throw 'em in prison.  What freaks me out sometimes is that The Powerpuff Girls don't seem to have any fingers or opposable thumbs.  It is almost as if their hands were built only to hit things.  Hard.

The Powerpuff girls, since they are working in a militaristic state, have little to no accountability.  They regularly go beat up the wrong villian, and it's no big deal really.  They usually just laugh about it, and sometimes they feel bad for a few seconds and then start frolicking again.  It's kind of freaky how casually they shift from cutesy innocence to ultraviolence and then back again.

Did I mention that they don't have opposable thumbs?  Did I mention that they don't have any fingers whatsoever?

Go ahead and watch the show again on Cartoon Network.  Forget their bow ties and their cute dresses and their little blowjob mouths.  Imagine them as three big burly men in army uniforms.  Then you'll realize that they aren't being so cute anymore.  They're three little psychos that justify their constant bloodlust with servitude to the state.  It's a fact!

I find it especially disturbing to imagine The Powerpuff Girls as three big burly men in those little dresses.  How unfashionable!

In closing, The Powerpuff Girls is a clear demonstration of the ability of image to overcome substance.  You can take militarism, violence and psychosis and the audience will love it if you embody it in three underage girls with giant mutant-like eyeballs.  Thank you for your time.

Power-puffs....  Come out and play-eeee-aaaaaaay!!!