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Our New Years Resolutions
by the gang

As the ball drops at the real end of the millenium, the None More Comic gang look back at their lives and make their resolutions for the new year.

Phil: "I resolve to become less materialistic. No more reality, I'm sticking exculsively to video games from here on out."

Invisible Girl: "I resolve to become more intolerant to those who are intolerant. Those bastards!"

Eddie: I resolve to help curb our population growth. Never hurts to help. Well, except in this case."

Bayard Russell: "I resolve never to repeat myself."

Dan the Uber-Wench: "I resolve to make the world a better place by sticking my head in the sand and pretending that all the bad people don't exist."

Dude: "I resolve to lose my virginity to someone other than my hand."

Bayard Russell: "I resolve never to repeat myself... Oh shoot."

Tragically Hippo: "I to dress even more fashionably than last year, so more people will like me for who I really am."

Bayard Russell: "I resolve never to repeat... Oops, we already did this joke. Never mind."

Death: "I resolve to stop accepting tips when ferrying the dead over the River Styx. I mean, what in Hell do I need the money for? Pachenko?"

Bayard Russell: "I resolve nev... Hey! This is overkill, guys. It's not funny anymore, so cut it out."

Justin Bow: "No comment."

Bayard Russell: "I res... dammit. Fuckers!"

Happy Apocalypse, Everybody!