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A Poem About Nature
by Baysho

When the dewdrops form on the leaves of the hyacinth,
when the reeds whistle melodies over the green pond,
when the mountain stream gurgles over the worn stones,
I think of snatches.

When the sun sets behind the green hills,
When the moon glows down like a beacon on the nightshade valleys,
When the wind howls through the swaying trees,
I think of snatches.

When the rainbow arcs across the blue sky,
When the rain patters down, soaking into the soft soil,
When the snow blankets the land in white stuff,
I think of snatches.

When it is monday and it's been a long day at work,
When I'm really stressed out and tense,
When I come home and my wife is standing there in a red negligee with that "Come hither" look,
I think of football.

But then, after the game is over,
And I've had a couple beers,
I think of snatches.

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