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Love: Inspiring As A Mofo
by Dan the Uber-Wench

Love is everlasting,
And love never dies,
Even when you're rotting
And your carcass swarmed by flies.

All you need is love,
For love is everything.
You don't need your possessions,
Or food, or diamond rings.

Love conquers all,
Mightier than pen or sword,
It's the most dangerous weapon
Third world countries could afford.

Love is the solution,
We should all love each other.
A world where we were filled with love...
Would prob'ly be another.

Love is truly blind,
Not to mention deaf and dumb,
Love is a wandering homeless man,
A rank, retarded bum.

Love is just the greatest
Thing that we can do,
And sometimes it's nearly as good
As a satisfying screw.

So love everybody.
Whether they be rich or poor,
Or mugger, rapist, roommate, thief,
A murderer, pimp or whore.

And by love, I mean hate.