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Nuclear Winter is a Great Time for Ice Cream
by Baysho

When the world erupts in chaos,
and the missles fly overhead,
I suppose I could take cover,
But I'll take ice cream instead.

When the fires scorch the land,
and villagers die in their huts,
when the innocent beg for mercy,
I'll sprinkle on some nuts.

When the cities turn to ashes
and radiation victims scream,
When the sirens howl "Armageddon!"
I'll lather on whipped cream.

When the death toll reaches heaven,
and there's too many to bury,
When they top off the bomb shelters,
I'll top it with a cherry.

Now war is a horrible dilemma,
It's a terrible situation,
But nothing can distract me from
my super-fave confection.

So when I'm standing at ground zero
and everyone I know is dead,
I'll look at my ice cream bowl and say,

"Gee, I hope I don't get fat."

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