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Our First Piece of Hate Mail! Wee!
by Bayard Russell and the gang

We are proud to announce that, after 4 months, we've gotten our first piece of hate mail! We're so proud! We wanted to share this with all of you because we were so giddy after we got it that we couldn't keep it to ourselves.

"Who writes this least you have got the title right...this is an insult to the cartoonists should not be able to put this garbage up where people are expecting to see a cartoon!!...DON'T GIVE UP YOUR DAY JOB!!"

Thank you sooo much, whoever you are! It is a sign of greatness to get hate mail. Because when you're unimportant, nobody bothers writing you at all. We really must be doing something right.

But in respect to this loyal reader, we thought we might answer his (or her, or its) questions.

1. We have no idea who writes this shit. The quality is absolutely terrible. It seems so amateur, like the guy writing it is some college kid who doesn't spend any time on it. In fact, we've been publishing all of this under pen names because the guy who actually does it is too ashamed.

2. Thanks, we thought the title was pretty clever too.

3. Good thing we're not professional cartoonists, whew. In fact, we're more like professional losers, ha ha ha! Of course, you already knew that, silly us.

2. We know what you mean. People shouldn't be allowed to do this. That's the Internet for you. For every page of good content, there are a thousand documents not worth the electricity they use.

3. Thank you for your concern, but don't worry. We're already unemployed, so there's nothing to quit. That should ease your troubled, troubled mind.

Again, thanks a lot whoever you are, you've really inspired us to keep doing the comic and give people like you more of the same.

P.S.: Fuck off!