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Passing Thoughts of Guilt from Common Criminals
by Eddie

"I shouldn't have stolen all of that store's gum. What if some smoker trying to kick the habit needs a few sticks?"

"If I'd killed that cop just a few seconds earlier, I wouldn't be driving poor Jimmy uptown right now. God, I hope she can fix him up, I don't want this type of shit hanging over me for the next week."

"I should have just grabbed the stereo. It's worth more than the car is! Now how's that poor schmuck going to get to work? Public transportation?"

"If I had only rolled just a few more bums, the orphanage wouldn't be going up for auction tomorrow. Oh, the irony of it all."

"Next time I shouldn't go for the jugular... my mom's going to throw a fit when she sees what I did to my sunday clothes."

"Oh shoot, where'd I put his lunch money? Geez, did I skin my knuckles up on that four-eyes for nothin'?"

"Why did I jaywalk? The crosswalk was just 50 yards from here. I'm such a menace to society sometimes."

"Should we be charging this much for coffee? Christ, the cup's worth more than this stuff!"

"Maybe I shouldn't be jumping off this bridge. I don't want to be breaking no laws, I just want the voices to stop."

"Awww man, I shouldn't have interrogated that kid so hard. I wonder if they'll believe he's just real tired, that's all."

Rodney King! Rodney King!