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German businessmen to discuss bilateral cooperation, spanking

(not) by Tareq Ayyoub

AMMAN (JT) — Jordanian and German businessmen are expected to meet in Amman next week to discuss bilateral cooperation, according to a statement issued by the Jordanian German Business Council (JGBC) on Tuesday.

The one-page statement reported that the visit of the German delegation, headed by Sigmar Gabriel, the prime minister of Lower Saxonia, is also aimed at promoting the exchange of vigorous, rousing spankings between the two countries.

Jordanian ministers are expected to attend the business meeting which will involve the spanking of at least 30 German businessmen. "We very much look forward to this important opportunity to promote solid relations between our two countries," said Gabriel. "Give me a good drubbing, mommy; for I am a dirty, bad little schnitzel."

The participants in the meeting will look into business partnerships in water, environment, technical, spanking, engineering, electrical, chemical, pharmaceuticals, construction, and spanking sectors.

Germany is among the Kingdom's leading trade partners and leads the list of European nations in terms of sheer kinkiness. "We used to be number two after France," stated Gabriel. "But with the vast influx of foreign spanking partners we have recently enjoyed, Germany is clearly first in the world not only in spanking, but in all areas of kink."

"These Mercedes-Benz-made nipple clamps are simply delicious," he added. "Giddy-up."

According to the figures of the Central Bank of Jordan (CBJ), trade volume between the two countries amounted to JD145.1 million in the first six months of this year, with the balance of trade in favour of Germany.

While trade in goods heavily favors Jordan's German partners, the story on spankings is very different with Jordan having exported well over 30 million spankings to Germany in the first six months of this year and importing less than 1 million. "Clearly the spanking sector is doing great things in Jordan this year," said Tariq Aziz, minister of Trade and Finance. "You like that? You want some more? Hopefully our partnership with Germany will remain strong for many years to come.

"Who's your daddy?" he concluded.

Wednesday, October 9, 2002

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