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This webpage used to host my music demo portfolio. But sometime in the past year Keenspace stopped allowing mp3s and swf files to be hosted on their sites, most likely in an effort to combat piracy. So now my original music and flash creations are hosted on my personal portfolio site,

Short Biography:

Bayard Russell was born in Chicago, grew up in Indiana, and earned his B.A. in Philosophy and Music at Dartmouth College. Moving to New York City in 2001, he works by day as for a rich media company while, in his spare hours, pursuing his dreams as a songwriter. He is an associate member of the Nashville Songwriters Association Int'l. (NSAI)

Mr. Russell operates a home recording studio where he records and masters his own song demos. His current gear includes an Apple Powerbook G4 running Pro Tools, ReCycle and T-Racks; AKG 240M headphones, an Ovation acoustic guitar, a Yamaha electric, an Ibanez bass, a Yamaha digital piano, and the his trusty Shure SM-57 microphone.

Mr. Russell has been in five bands so far, and hopes to be in many more. In high school he teamed up with his sister for punk group Karess. At Dartmouth, he played in the acoustic group Clean Slate, and later the jam band Funkelstiltskin. In New York he formed acoustic rock group The Very Nerve, and is currently the bassist/vocalist for rock group Negative Ken.

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