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Hey, how's it going. This website hosts my free online music album, Demos and C-Sides. Below, you'll find mp3s from my continuing solo project, and a little about me as well. Feel free to download and listen to the songs, and share them with your friends if you'd like. All works were composed, performed and recorded by me. Most of them in my apartment. Some of them in my boxers. Please enjoy the home recording revolution.

B.C. Russell - It's All Right (1'03")

This one-minute blitzkrieg of a song will be (hopefully) on a 555 Records compilation album next summer! It's short and poppy, and Kanda digs it.

The Very Nerve - Laer Gnihtemos (4'44")

I just thought this was really weird and interesting. I took a demo recording I made with my bandmate Sarah, and ran the vocals backwards. The results are, surprisingly, pretty neat. It's got kind of a low-fi 60s-LSD-trip thing going on. (Lyrics by Sarah Mitchell, copywright 2002 The Very Nerve. Visit our website here.)

B.C. Russell - Six Years Old (5'08")

This marks my foray into Pro Tools recording. I think this is the first song I've recorded that genuinely has found "my sound." Plus, it kicks ass. I mean, it's a rock song with a kazoo solo in it. How cool is that!?!

B.C. Russell - Backbreaker (5'17")

Dance, sucka, dance! This was my first attempt at making a dance groove. It was actually played at one of my college undergrad society's house parties. I wasn't there to witness it, though, so I don't know how much booty-shaking actually took place.

B.C. Russell - Breaking Up (2'12")

My tribute to boy-band music. The sound of this song bears a striking resemblance to the songs of Together, which ironically is a boy-band formed to make fun of boy-band music.

B.C. Russell - Siesta (4'31")

This song was done for class. It has a bad-mexican-song groove. I got an A for it!

Biographical information:

B.C. Russell is a publicist in Manhattan who writes pop songs in his spare hours and has pleasant dreams of adoration, wealth and forgiveness. All music presented here was recorded using an Apple laptop, a Roland digital recorder, a Shure SM-57 microphone, a few guitars, and his trusty Boss DR-5 drum machine.

Mr. Russell is currently the bassist, backup vocalist and songwriter for The Very Nerve, which is making appearances at select spots in Manhattan. You can drop us an email at . We also have band shirts here.

Bayard rocking out
Me, playing at the Triad Lounge.
Photo credit: my mom.

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All music on this site is free to download and listen to for personal use, and may also be freely distributed. Songs remain the intellectual property of B.C. Russell, and cannot be sold commercially without explicit written consent.